The strawberries are growing  and blooming. As of March 24th, they may be ready to start picking between April 10-15. The latest cold weather has slowed them down. With the weather warming up, the plants will be producing faster.  We'll keep you informed.

 We have started the tomato plants from seed, and they are growing as well.  Check out the photo below. The broccoli has been planted and should be ready in early May. Cabbage has also been planted and should be ready by mid-May.

 We are currently closed for the winter.

***We are looking for people who want to pick strawberries in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for our pre-picked orders. If you are interested, please call Steve Rutherford at 548-5893.

 Some vegetables will be coming in soon. Check our "availability and pricing" page for information.