It's strawberry time!  We are open for busines. The supply is moderate for the week of May 22.  Because of all the rain, boots are suggested if you pick your own berries.

  ***** If you want a bucket, please call ahead to order one. Your chances of just walking up and getting one without having ordered are very slim.   

Check our "Availability and Pricing" page for prices.

 Payment may be made with cash or check only. No credit cards will be accepted.


The romaine lettuce is ready. We are cutting a lot of broccoli. Beets are ready for sale by the bunch. Onions and cabbage are ready now. Cauliflower should be ready this week.

                        RULES  FOR  STRAWBERY  PICKING

  • Do NOT step on or over the rows.
  • Wet soil and plastic are slick, so be very careful!
  • No running or horseplay.
  • No strollers between rows.
  • No littering. Please clean up your own trash.
  • No tobacco use.
  • RED, RED berries are the sweetest.
  • Be prepared for the mud!